There are not many, if any, other security companies that provide video capture technology

Not only does LNN fill that niche, the videos that are captured are securely backed up and easily accessible to our clients, if they so choose to view them on their own. This video capture technology gives LNN an edge when it comes to identification of vagrants, license plates, proper damage estimations among countless other areas.

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Video Recorded Mobile Patrol
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"Take a picture, it'll last longer."
Same goes for video, right?

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Have Questions? We Have Answers.

How do I know the guard is doing their job and isn't sleeping or doing non-security related work? Our guards all utilize lapel cameras. This footage is uploaded to a portal where clients can access past patrol footage and view supporting documentation.
Will there be a constant turnover of guards? We know guard turnover can be frustrating. That is why LNN provides employees with incentives like higher-than-normal starting wages, paid training, paid upgrading, and fun events for our staff. These work conditions encourage our employees to stay and grow with our company.
Does LNN Protection Services have enough guards for my needs? Yes! We have a large fleet of guards who are on call 24/7 and are ready to dispatch one to your site at a moment's notice. Our dispatch center is equipped with computer screens that map out the city and log the locations of each of our cars. We can rapidly send a guard to your site any time you require one, day or night.
Will I receive adequate (and legible) documentation of the guard's patrols? Messy, handwritten reports can be a hassle to read, which is why all of our reports are written electronically. These reports are checked for spelling and grammar and are delivered to client inboxes each day. In addition, the video and audio recordings of the patrols will also be available online in the Client Portal.
What coverage options do I have? Video mobile patrols: Patrols as required Static security guards: 4-24 hour coverage Parking enforcement: Patrols as required Fire watch/emergency personnel: 4-24 hour coverage
How can I learn more about protecting my site? Contact Ryan Soptak, Community Liaison Officer, at 403.554.3230.

Hear it from Tadek.



LNN Protection Services uses sophisticated technology and has a very useful platform for their customers. What is most impressive is their service. LNN has already prevented an attempted theft at one of our sites and was able to take care of much of the police reporting for us. I have already recommended them to other businesses and will continue to do so.